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Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology

By students, for students

NTK is the student union for those who study at the faculty of science and technology at Umeå University. We work to make your time at the university as good as possible. We do this by, for example, arranging fun events, making students voices heard, and running our student union house.

Do you want to get in touch with someone at the student union? Come by the office at Johan Bures väg 11, Universum building, or contact us here.

NTK:s vision

The education and study time of the students should exceed everyone’s expectations!

Education quality

In order for the educations at our faculty to maintain as good quality as possible, the student union works continuously with educational matters.

Student life

A good student life is an important part of your time at the university. This includes for instance fun activities, good housing and well-being.

Corporate relations

It’s important for the student union that students get good contact with businesses already during their education time.

NTK:s external businesses

We are running both student union house, cafe and career fair!

Did you know that the student union runs several external businesses to make your study time as good as possible? At our student union house Origo you can relax at an after-study pub or dance the night away at a night club, at our student union café you can alternate the lectures with both coffee and a good lunch, and at the career fair Uniaden you can find both summer jobs and your future employer, or why not a degree project!

Opening hours


Monday-Friday 08:30-11:00, 12:30-15:00


Monday-friday 08.30 – 15.30 (lunch is served 11.00-13.00)


Tuesday 17.00-19.30 EPP
Friday 22.00-02.00 Night club
Saturday 22.00-02.00 Night club

How do I become a member?

As a member you get many benefits. You for instance get both Mecenatkortet and Studentkortet, which gives you access to a lot of discounts!