Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers to some frequently asked questions. If you cant find an answer to your question you are welcome to contact us here or come by our office.

Why should I become a member?

NTK strive to make your time as a student as great as possible. By becoming a member, you support the student union’s work and help us to do a good job. As a member, you also get the chance to influence the student union board’s job, and to decide what the student union should do! NTK acts as a union for the students and our influence at the university is strong with several thousand members. As a member, you also get many financial and functional benefits.

To which student union do I belong?

You may only be a member of the student union of the area of subjects that you study. Therefore, if you study a program or a course at the Faculty of Science and Technology (Teknat), you can be a member of the Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology (NTK).

How do I pay my student union fee?

You can pay the fee via bank transfer, NTK’s member portal or with card directly at the Student Union Reception (MIT-building, 3rd floor). The membership fee is non-refundable upon termination of membership. The union fee is 430 SEK per year or 280 SEK per semester.

Who is entitled to a reduced fee?

If you study a distance course and live more than 30 kilometers outside of Umeå, you’re entitled to a reduced fee. This also applies to students studying off campus, in Skellefteå, Örnsköldsvik, Lycksele and Kiruna. You also pay a reduced fee if you are registered for a maximum of 15 credit points during one semester. PhD students who work part-time with less than 50% also pay a reduced fee. The same applies to students who write their thesis at another location during the whole semester. The reduced fee is 200 SEK per year.

How do I prove my membership?

NTK’s membership card, called Mecenatkortet, is your certificate that you paid your membership fee during the membership’s duration. The receipt from NTK’s member portal counts as certificate until you receive your card. You can visit the student union reception to get your receipt.

I have a problem with an exam/lab/teacher, who can help me?

At NTK, the head of the unit for educational matters is working full-time with helping students with problems concerning the education. You find the head of the unit for educational matters at our office (Johan Bures väg 11, Universum) or contact utbildning@ntkumea.se or +4670 – 606 62 79.

The air is of bad quality in the lecture halls, who do I talk with?

If you have questions about the study environment, you can go to the head of social matters, who also works with for student welfare. You find this person at our office (Johan Bures väg 11, Universum) or contact studiesocialt@ntkumea.se or +4670 – 606 62 77.

I'm about to start my studies in Umeå but have nowhere to live, what should i do?

The first thing you should do is to register in different housing queues. Here are some examples: Bostaden (www.bostaden.umea.se), Balticgruppen (www.balticgruppen.se) and Lerstenen (www.lerstenen.se). You can also find more information on Umeå municipality’s website (www.umea.se) about housing opportunities. There is also the possibility to look for a hostel (www.ny-hostel.se/)..

What do I need to think about when I move?

You who move to study at a university or college must be registered in the population register at your place of study. The standard rule is that you must be registered where you live, i.e. where you sleep most nights. With an e-identification card, you can use the Swedish Tax Agency’s e-service to register a move, quickly and easily. Read more and register your move on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website: www.skatteverket.se/studentflytt.

I want to engage in activities with the student union, how do I go about?

How fun! There are many ways to get involved in NTK. Start by asking yourself what you are interested in doing. Is it to arrange some kind of event, work at the club, cooking or just start a project of some kind? The best way to start is by going to the branch that you belong to. It is always appreciated when people want to engage in the union. You are also welcome to email us or come by our office and talk to someone in the union board, we can help you! The Union have a communication unit that works to inform you about what the Union is doing right now. Want to keep up to date, do it best through our Facebook page, website and newsletter that comes out every two weeks. You can also check for the green notice boards located around the campus, toilet talkers, table talkers, twitter and instagram.

CSN will not give me money, can you help me?

The head of social matters can help you mediate with CSN. If you are in desperate need of money, you can apply for an emergency loan at NTK. For help or more information, please visit our union office (Johan Bures väg 11, Universum).

How do I find out what the student union is working with right now?

The student union has a communication unit that strive to inform you about what the union is working with. If you want to keep yourself up to date with what we do, you can try checking back here to our homepage, our Facebook page, or register for our newsletter that is released every other week. There are also information on our green noticeboards around Campus and on our door posters in the MIT-building.

Can I work at the student union house or in Mitum?

Absolutely! As our activities are run by students that work voluntarily, we appreciate everyone who are willing to help. Contact the head of our union house at origo@ntkumea.se / +4670 – 606 62 94 or the union café Mitum at cf@ntkumea.se / +4670 – 606 62 38 for more information.

Hur samlar ni in och använder er av min information?

Data is saved as long as it is considered necessary for our business, taking into account the requirements that exist according to laws and regulations in order to be able to fulfill our services to you and the relevant authorities. As a member, you agree that we provide information to certain third parties such as e.g. Mecenat and Studentkortet to produce membership cards or our main collaboration partners. No other third party may access the information. If you want to stop receiving our newsletter or want an extract of the information we store about you, contact ntk@ntkumea.se.