Student Union Board

Student union board

About the board

The Union Board is the Union’s highest executive body and is elected by the General Council. The chair, vice-chair and the head of corporate relations, head of social matters and head of educational matters are paid full-time, which means that they take a study break during the year they are on the board. The student member does not take a study break but receives a semester fee. The student union board works for the union’s vision “students’ education and study time should exceed everyone’s expectations.


William Nordberg

As Chair of the Union, I am ultimately responsible for the activities of the entire Union. I participate in meetings at the highest preparatory and decision-making level of the university, plan and execute strategic discussions and plans with the university, the other unions and businesses. The Union President is the supervisor of the Union Board and I am also responsible for the personnel of the Union’s employees.

Vice Chair

Samuel Kenrick

As Vice Chair of the Union, I am primarily responsible for internal documents, internal communication and assist the Chair of the Union by attending meetings when necessary, relieving projects and pursuing issues internally with the sections. I am also the Chair of the Communications Unit.

Head of educational matters

Samuel Sahlin

As Head of educational matters, I am responsible for student affairs related to education, courses and programmes. I am involved in all major strategic decisions at the university that affect education. I am also the chair of the Education Monitoring Unit.

Head of social matters

Victor Göthesson

As Head of social matters, I am responsible for the student union’s reception training, student social issues, the university’s study and work environment and equal opportunities issues. I am also the chair of the student social unit.

Head of corporate relations

Tova Backlund

As Head of corporate relations, I am responsible for ensuring that students are informed and aware of their future opportunities, what the industry can offer new graduates and what types of summer jobs they can apply for during their studies. I have a lot of contact with many actors in the business community and I am also the chair of the labour market unit.