Get involved

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved in NTK. Start by asking yourself what you are interested in doing. Is it to arrange some kind of event, work at the club, cooking or just start a project of some kind? The best way to start is by going to the branch that you belong to. It is always appreciated when people want to engage in the union. You are also welcome to email us or come by our office and talk to someone in the union board, we can help you! The Union have a communication unit that works to inform you about what the Union is doing right now. Want to keep up to date, do it best through our Facebook page, website and newsletter that comes out every two weeks. You can also check for the green notice boards located around the campus, toilet talkers, table talkers, twitter and instagram.

We have listed some of NTK’s ways to become involved below!

Getting involved is very rewarding!

As a member of NTK you have the possibility to get involved within several different areas, there sure is something for everyone! By getting involved you will learn new things, grow as a person and have something extra to put on your CV. Below your can read about different ways to get involved.

Within the Student Union

Within the Student Union you can get involved both voluntarily and full time. The full time positions are Chairman of the Student Union, Vice Chairman of the Student Union, Head of Social Matters, Head of Educational Matters, Head of Corporate Relations and Manager of the Student Union House. There is also a 10 % payed position which is student representative with event responsibility.

You can also get involved as an internal auditor at the Student Union. The duty of the internal auditor is to go through what the Student Union is doing and to make sure it is done the right way.

Sometimes we look for volunteers for project groups to arrange events. Keep an eye on our social medias to find out when we do! 

Within the Student Union Council

The Student Union Council decides what the Student Union should work with, read more here. You can be speaker, vice speaker, member or alternate member in the Student Union Council. The speaker and vice speaker are chosen at a Student Union Council meeting. Members and alternate members are chosen at the sections’ general meetings.

Within your section

You can be a part of your section board or one of its subgroups. What positions the section board consists of can be different for each section. Ask your section board how you can get involved in your section!

Information about which section you belong to and contact information can be found here.

Café Mitum

The Student Union runs a café, Mitum, located in the heart of the MIT-building. Mitum serves a daily lunch and is the obvious place for a cup of coffee between lectures. Contact

Career days(s) Uniaden

Uniaden is a yearly career day and one of the biggest events at Umeå University. It is organized through a cooperation between NTK and HHUS (Student association at the Umeå School of Business and Economics), PLUM (Student association for human resources students) and UMSYS (student association for those who study system science or digital media production). Uniaden gives students the possibility to get an overview of the job market, and companies an opportunity to meet future employees and get an idea of the resources currently available at the university. It is not only a job fair but a great arrangement with preparatory events, guest lectures, discussions and talks, and many other activities. Uniaden provides a platform where students and companies can establish long-term and personal contacts, and allows you as a company to meet technologists, natural scientists, design students, economists, social scientists and human resource specialists. Contact for more information!

At the Student Union House Origo

The black painted building right next to IKSU is your dear Student Union House Origo. Origo is a natural meeting place for students on Campus. On the weekdays you can study here and use our wireless network. Tuesdays 15.00 – 19.30 we have EPP, efterpluggetpub (after school pub), where you can eat great food at a low cost. The nightclub is open Friday and Saturday 22.00 – 02.00. You are also welcome to work here; our entire staff are volunteering students working to make the student life in Umeå more fun.

Start your own society or event

Have an idea of a group or society that should be started? Go for it! Do some research about what it means to be a society or contact your section if you want to create a subgroup within it.