Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology (NTK) ensures that your time here and everything around you maintains a good quality. Your membership fee is put to good use in both educational affairs, equality work, corporal relations, and several fun events! The more members, the stronger we become and the more we can influence!

We have listed some advantages by becoming a member below!

Become a new member or renew your membership at the member portal.

Why should I become a member of the student union?

Good for your studies

  • The main feature is that the Student Union has to be education guarding and ensuring that the education students receive is of high standards. Do you feel unfairly treated or are not satisfied with your education? Read more and contact our Head of Educational matters here.
  • We also work with your study environment, and try to ensure that you have access to good and relaxing areas to use.
  • We believe that equality is very important and therefore work for equal opportunities and equal treatment in cooperation with Umeå University.
  • Contact with the business community is important to us and we are lobbying to get clear business ties in all courses.
  • We also arrange lunch lectures, branch evenings and other events where you can meet potential future employers.
  • We are the largest shareholder in Uniaden northern Sweden’s broadest career fair.
  • Members of the Student Union can also affect their education by taking place in the program committee.
  • Every year we distribute Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology prize for educational efforts to a teacher who our members nominate.

Good for you

  • As a member of the Student Union you are automatically a member of one of our branches (and vice versa). The branches offer fun and rewarding activities you can participate in.
  • NTK own the Student Union House Origo where everyone can join cheap food and pub-nights.
  • Members of the Student Union can rent the Student Union House Orgio for dinners, game nights or sewing circles.
  • All members have the right to buy a NTK-cap, a cap in beautiful green velvet.
  • You can also buy a graduation ring when you graduate.
  • As a member you have the possibility to ask for money for activities, that even non-members can benefit from.
  • The card gives access to all the pubs on campus.
  • We are your voice as a student not only to the university and the municipality, but also nationally, through the cooperation of the Swedish National Union of Students.
  • All student union members can rent various equipment from NTK.

Types om membership

To become a member of your student union, NTK, visit the Student Union Office on Johan Bures väg 11. You can also pay directly through the member portal where you log in with your CAS. The fee is 430 SEK for a full year, or 280 SEK per semester.

Reduced price.
If you are a distance student and/or meet certain criterias, you pay a reduced fee of 200 SEK for an entire year, or 120 SEK for a semester. See our F.A.Q for these conditions.

Payment terms: As a member, you agree that we leave the task to a third party, such as Patronage to produce membership cards or our partners. No fees will be refunded.


430 SEK

  • You can use all offers and discounts.


280 SEK

  • You can use all offers and discounts.


200 SEK/year
120 SEK/semester

  • You cannot use local offers and discounts.



Member advantages


  • Discounts through Mecenat and Studentkortet
  • Reduced entry and cheaper food at the student union building Origo
  • Cheaper coffee and lunch in Mitum
  • Orangeriet:
    • Reduced price on burgers and drinks, Monday – Saturday (boule included)
    • Cheaper student lunches, Monday – Friday (boule included)
    • Free boule, Monday – Saturday
  • Reduced seasonal fees to Nydala cross country skiing track IFK Umeå for 600 SEK (900 SEK)
  • Various events at reduced prices, such as the Student Ski, vårbalen and other organized events throughout the year.
  • Cheaper IKSU card
  • You can also apply for emergency loans from te student union (if all hell breaks loose).
  • You can buy movie tickets from us for 115 SEK.


  • Help with questions regarding education, study environment and premises
  • Contact with businesses
  • Rent various equipment
  • Rent the Student Union House free of charge for you and other NTK members
  • Possibility to apply for emergency loan
  • Buy the NTK hat (student hat)
  • Possibility to request money for member favoring activities