The Student Union Council have four units with different areas of interest: the unit of educational matters, of information matters, of corporate relations and of social matters. Each unit is lead by a chairman who works full time during the operational year. The chairmen are members of the student union board. The sections choose a representative for each unit.

The Unit of Social Matters

The Unit of Social Matters works to improve your time at Umeå University. The unit works with issues related to your study-time, gender equality and equal treatment as well as student finance and support functions at the university. The Head works to convey the union’s views on including the university’s equality, row of houses and other working groups. The Head is also chairman of the reception manager and ensures that the reception every year happens, ad also is developed and improved. This mainly by organizing a training course for generals, the reception managers of each program, in leadership and group dynamics.


Victor Göthesson

Studiesociala enhetens ordförande
Head of Social Matters
070-606 62 77


Samuel Sahlin

 Utbildningsbevakningsenhetens ordförande
Head of Educational Matters
070-606 62 79

The Unit of Educational Matters

Every year students contact the unit of educational matters concerning their educations. These concerns are among others where they can find their schedule, delayed exam results, or problems with a teacher. The education is for many students the most important thing during their time at the university and there are a lot of rules and laws on the students’ side. It is important that these problems surface so that they can be dealt with in a manner were no one gets affected by the problem in the future. So, if you have a problem with a teacher, a course, or any other concerns regarding your education do not hesitate to contact the unit of educational matters. NTK is here for you!

Post-graduate questions

The PhD administrator at NTK works to improve the study- and working-environment for post-graduate students. As a post-graduate student, you’re in a grey area between being a student and an employee. Besides knowing the laws and rules that apply to post-graduate students the PhD administrator can also help you if e.g. you were to get in a conflict with your instructor.

The PhD administrator is a post-graduate student as to be able to comprehend the situation and concerns that may be raised by post-graduate students. These types of concerns are most of the time of another nature then the questions NTK deals with on a daily basis.

You can reach the PhD administrator on dh@ntk.umu.se

The Unit of Corporate Relations

The Unit of Corporate Relations’ main topic is the students’ contact with the corporate world. This might for example be a matter of meeting with employers, attending a résumé writing workshop or going to a lecture about how to get the salary you deserve.

Head of Corporate Relations

What does the post do?
The post includes arranging mulibranching events that in some way give a better connection between the students and the business sector and at the same time benefit the business part. It is also important to keep in close touch with the Unions main partners and look for new collaborations when needed. It is also crucial to keep close contact with the Heads of Corporate Relations of other student unions both in Umeå and across Sweden. The post is also about being deposited in the University’s councils, groups and managers of events connected to questions about corporate and degree matters.

What is the fun part?
As Head of Corporate Relations you get to meet some of the country’s most interesting people: business representatives! To arrange events, both on your own and in collaboration with others, is probably the most fun with the post. This is especially true when you get great feedback from the students and businesses. You get to feel like what you do really matters.

What challanges are there?
To coordinate and plan events so that they don’t collide with other things happening at the University isn’t the easiest of tasks. The biggest challenge has been to know how to “sell an event” to companies as well as engaging the students to attend the events.

What have I learned?
I’ve leared a lot about work structure, employer branding and how companies, the University and teams work.

For companies

Since the Head of Corporate Relations takes care of all contracts, it is this person or the Head of Informational Matters you should turn to if you want to do promotions in our communication channels.

If you want to know more about what you can do with us then contact the head of corporate relations.

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Tova Backlund

Arbetsmarknadsenhetens ordförande
Head of Corporate Relations
070-606 62 80

The Unit of Informational Matters

The Unit of Informational Matters exists so that you, as a member of NTK, will be aware about what the Student Union is working on. The unit works with spreading both general information about NTK, as well as to keep you updated with news and current affairs. The head of the unit works with all information channels such as our green notice boards on Campus, our website and our social medias. The Head makes sure that you get your newsletter every other week.

You can reach the Head of the Unit for Informational Matters by telephone +4670 – 606 62 78 or kommunikation@ntk.umu.se